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Garden State Cannabis Club

21+ Social Club Entertainment & Education

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All club members new & old must verify Age & ID

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If refund is granted by the club it will be minus all processing costs & delivery fees

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Garden State Cannabis Club along with any and all associated parties named or unnamed.

Customer Service Available at 609.365.0151

No data is ever sold, All members & contact info privacy is paramount to Infusions Direct & GSCC.

All Canna Coin Discounts cannot be used on other sales.  Management has the right to deny any redemption for any reason.  Loyalty Canna Coins values can change without notice.  The program can or may be discontinued by management for any reason. Some Flavors may be excluded from the program, usually top tier.  Paid Memberships receive the most coins. Previous Points Given for sign up may be reduced from 500 to 100 are valid as of 10/19/22.  Your Feedback is needed to develop a program that works well for everyone.  We appreciate your participation.


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